Vivek Lakhotia

Vivek Lakhotia - Wildlife Artist

About the Artist


Animals in their natural environment and wildly beautiful views deeply inspire wildlife artist Vivek Lakhotia. He feels challenged to recreate the moods, emotions, and drama found in nature through his artwork. Chasing those moments with paint has become his passion.

Vivek grew up in India and experimented with painting briefly as a young man. After graduating from a University in India, he came to the US to pursue a Masters in Environmental Engineering at Vanderbilt University. Vivek traveled throughout the United States in his engineering career. After a career change to Information Technology, life slowed down and Vivek picked up the paintbrush once again.

“I had been painting for several years”, says Vivek “when I experienced an ‘ah-ha’ moment while attending the Raymond James Wildlife & Western Visions Art Show in St. Petersburg, FL. The best wildlife and western artists in the country were in attendance with their artwork on display. The influence of those artists has resulted in my newer paintings with subjects ranging from African and American wildlife to birds and marine life.”

Vivek and his family have lived in Largo, FL since 1999. His studio resides in the family’s Florida room which has a wide western view. “My family seems to tolerate my domination of the Florida room as long as I keep the paintings coming”, laughs Vivek.

“I used to paint in oil but have found myself working more and more with acrylics due to their faster drying times and easier clean-up.”

“My recent paintings are more a reflection of the vibrant birdlife of Florida. Some of these paintings are inspirations from my numerous visits to the Suncoast Bird Sanctuary and the many wildlife preserves in the area. Sea turtles under water have become a favorite subject as well. I enjoy diving and am drawn to the soft blue-green hues under water.”

“Painting the hidden side of Florida like the elusive Florida panther or the Black bear in the Everglades excites me, and it is going to be fun exploring them as painting subjects.”